Our hygiene promise for your safe stay

Your health as well as the health of our employees is very important to us. Therefore, we have developed a small “concept” with which we would like to protect you and our employees.

1. General hygiene rules

  • Frequently touched areas such as storage surfaces, door handles and handles are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals in accordance with hygiene regulations.
  • Disinfection dispensers for regular hand disinfection are available in all public areas.
  • Everything you receive from us is thoroughly disinfected.
  • Our rooms are regularly ventilated to ensure constant air circulation.
  • Our staff is regularly trained and tested.

2. Hygiene for our hotel rooms

  • Hygiene and cleanliness in the rooms is our top priority. For this reason, our hotel rooms are disinfected several times. After the cleaning process and inspection, all surfaces and touch points are disinfected a second time.
  • Our linen is processed by a laundry under the strictest hygiene standards.
  • The room keys are disinfected after each departure.
  • The cartel reader is disinfected after each use.

3. Breakfast and Restaurant

  • Breakfast is served according to the hygienic guidelines.
  • All restaurant areas are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals in accordance with hygiene regulations.
  • The restroom area is cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

4. Current important information

  • HOTEL: Control after 2-G (Vaccinated, Recovered)
  • The mask requirement applies to ALL persons in the entire restaurant and hotel (guests and staff).

If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding compliance with hygiene standards, please feel free to ask our staff at any time. It is important to us that you feel comfortable, but above all safe, and that you continue to enjoy visiting our hotel.

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